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Fifth Avenue Shopping Flyers

So, I have the pleasure of teaching a high school Travel + Tourism course and I have to say that the school where I teach has an amazing bunch of kids! I gave them the following assignment the other day:

All of the flyers I got were pretty awesome! However, I think some of my kiddos have figured out how to get instant 100s from me! Check out their dope Fifth Avenue shopping flyers!

I’m not sure $1000 will cut it if you’re going on a shopping spree on 5th Ave., Jaden! Especially if you’re going in Chanel and Miu Miu!

Ms. Brisa, however, knows shopping on Fifth Ave. will basically bankrupt you if you’re not careful!

Everyone in 6th period fell in love with Emily’s design idea…

Fabian knows that all of the cool kids shop on 5th Avenue!

Great job, guys!!! You've started the first quarter of the school on an amazing start - keep up the good work!

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