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Open Letter to Maybelline and Neutrogena...

Dear Maybelline and Neutrogena…

This is most definitely a rant. I am angry and full of righteous indignation! Feel free to stop reading now if you like…

I was using the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in “Deep Sheer Tint” for an everyday makeup alternative and was very pleased with it! I had the darkest shade you offered which worked for me – I guess you’re not interested in selling this product to the DOZENS of other complexions and hues out there that are MUCH darker – and even lighter - than mine for that matter!

Anyway, I was about out of my cream and without thinking or looking, just grabbed the darkest shade on display on a Target run. Much to my disappointment the next day, I started to apply the cream and it was NOT the shade I had been purchasing. I just knew there was a mistake and the shade I purchased was misplaced.

So, I go back to that store – and FIVE other stores – only to discover that the darkest shade in that BB cream you offer is now too light a shade EVEN FOR MY WHITE FRIENDS! I discovered this when I pulled it out one day to complain to some friends and a couple of them who have very fair complexions tried the shade and it wasn’t dark enough for them. Again...


Fast forward a few months and I run out of my Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder in “Tan 80”. Again, this was the darkest shade they offered! It still wasn’t quite dark enough for me but I am used to mixing products to get decent color coverage. Most women who wear makeup regularly have mastered this!

The SAME thing happened at the Neutrogena display! Only since I’d been burned once (I ended up throwing away the BB Cream because I don’t like to return things to stores), I knew better than just to blindly pick up what I thought I needed. I took a photo of the display just to make sure my color wasn’t there because I can never remember the colors and numbers of makeup! Once again, the color I was using is gone – vanished without a trace!


What is wrong with you people? Why haven’t you figured out that people who wear and love makeup come in HUNDREDS of different shades and by offering FOUR shades that are basically for people with absolutely NO melanin and/or who NEVER see the sun you are alienating an enormous potential customer base?

Then, to add insult to injury, when I tweeted my concern, your social media team directed me to the shade finder on your website. What the hell?!?!?

I KNOW what my shade is, and I can no longer purchase it because apparently, you only want vampires to purchase your BB cream!!

Shame on you, Maybelline…

Shame on you, Neutrogena…

Yes, I’m judging you…


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